Privacy Policy

Keryana Store collects your data to provide you with relevant information based on your needs and interest. The following Privacy Policy covers Keryana Store (Private) Limited Applications (Web and Mobile) including all its registered domains ‘’, ‘’, ‘’.
It is recommended that users before accessing the application review and go through the Privacy Policy regarding the data being collected from you through the application. In the following Provacy Policy, ‘we', ‘our', ‘us' and other similar references mean Keryana Store and ‘you', ‘your', ‘User’, ‘Consumer', ‘Customer' and other similar reference means a particular user of the application.
The following Privacy Policy applies to all the products and services offered by Keryana Store (Private) Limited. By visiting, registering and shopping on the application (web and mobile) is considered that you have accepted the practices described in this Privacy Policy.
If you do not accept and agree with the Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions, you are advised not to use and of the services offered by Keryana Store.

How we Collect your Data (Provided by You)

We collect your data provided by you at multiple steps:

  • 1) When you visit the application to monitor your journey.
  • 2) When you become a customer from a visitor by registering your account on keryana store.
  • 3) When you log into our applications.
  • 4) When you use any of our services.
  • 5) When you make a purchase on Keryana Store Website or Mobile Application.
  • 6) When you perform a transaction with us.
  • 7) When you contact us for any type of query or concern.
  • 8) If you subscribe to our newsletter service and through other marketing offers available on our applications.

We also collect your information through sessions & Cookies (if you have them enabled in your browser). Normally we use temporary/session cookies to ensure that you are being recognized when you are navigating through the application and to make your data being temporarily stored so you don't have to enter them again. If you have disabled sessions and cookies then once you have added your items in the basket, by the time you reach checkout they will be gone. We also use persistent cookies to enable the website remember you on your regular visits.
Our application also uses general statistics and server statistics to track user trends. These tracks usually include number of read hits on the server, page views, IP Address, browser type, country, city, operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc) and navigation patterns. The data collected here does not provide us with any personal identification information about the user, it only helps us offer services and products according to the type of customers visiting the application.
Personal data that you provide us is any form that identifies you, this enables us to contact you and that also describes your status at Keryana Store platform. This is the data that you have provided us with your consent being involved and you agreeing to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions mentioned here. You personal data includes: your name, your contact number, your email address, your address(es), your gender and some other details that you provide us with. If you did not provide the information required for that particular service then you might not be able to use those services.
If you choose to Pay through (Credit/Debit Card) Online Payment, you will be asked to provide related financial information (credit card, debit card, bank account details, billing address etc.) on the payment merchants website (which are digitally encrypted). Keryana Store does not have any access to any of the financial information being shared on the Merchant Platform.
Keryana Store (Private) Limited will only get a confirmation message from the merchant once your payment goes through and then your order status will be marked confirmed.

Why we collect your personal data and how it is being used

Keryana Store uses your personal data provided by you to notify you with latest offers, deals and promotions, to complete your transactions, to serve you by replying to your requests, delivering your orders and to note your feedback.
If you do not wish to receive updates regarding offers, promotions and deals, you may unsubscribe from our subscribers mailing list by clicking on the link mentioned below every marketing email and your details will be removed from our list of subscribers.

Storage & Useage to your personal information

Keryana Store uses administrative safeguards, electronic and physical protection practices to assist us in securing and preventing unauthorized access to your personal data and maintaining data accuracy and security.
Except specified in the Privacy Policy, we use reasonable efforts to limit access to your personal information to the employees, agents, officers and developers.
Keryana store shares limited information, carefully with its selected vendors and business partners. This includes affinity; companies that perform marketing services, offer rewards, offer financial services and perform other business operations for Keryana Store (necessary to perform your transactions). All the information shared with any of the service providers are contractually obligated to keep all the information we provide to them is confidential and safe, this does not include any financial information or address(es).
If we are asked to provide your information by the LAW or in good faith, we might disclose your information we collect from you, to obey the LAW, to defend our rights and to act in an emergency to protect personal information of our users.
Keryana Store (Private) Limited is not be responsible for the data you provide to other applications, companies, organizations. If you access any third party link or a third party site, Keryana Store is not responsible and you will do that on your own risk.
Keryana Store (Private) Limited does not direct any of its consent to children under eighteen (18) years of age and all user under eighteen (18) years of age are considered unauthorized users.
Keryana Store (Private) Limited will never ask its users to share any sensitive data or transactional information (such as credit card details) through email or call. If incase you receive any such email [email protected] or call us +92-213-7292926.

Modifications in Policies, Terms & Conditions, User Agreement, Privacy Policy

Keryana Store reserves the rights to modify the structure and design of the applications, policies, user agreements, terms and conditions and this privacy policy at any time.
Whenever there will be any changes in any of the mentioned material, Keryana Store users/consumers will be notified through an email associated with your account.
Keryana Store will not be responsible if the users/consumers fail to receive the notification email due to their ISP or any email filtering service; therefore, you are requested to add Keryana Store (,, to the list of approved domains to receive emails (whitelist).
Keryana Store will also display a prominent text regarding the modification to the particular material at the top section of the page for five (5) days, after which the notice will be removed. In case you have not accessed the application for more than finve (5) days, it is recommended that you must go through the policies, agreements, privacy policy and these terms and conditions again.
If you find any change in the material that you are not comfortable with, Should you wish to remove your account from Keryana Store, you may do so by sending an email with subject Termination to [email protected]
If you choose to continue using the website/store/application, you will be deemed to accept the new terms and conditions or privacy policy or policies and user agreement as relevant.

For Enquiries, Get in Touch

You can get in contact with Keryana Store:

  • Address: Plot # T/113/2, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Phone: +92-213-7292926
  • Whatsapp: +92-337-7292926
  • Email: [email protected]

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