Promotions & Cashback

The following conditions imply to all users, shopping at Keryana Store:

  • Customers are preferred to have 1 active account for orders.
  • Customers can place maximum of 5 orders at a time.
  • Customers can purchase a maximum quantity of 5 of any item.

Product Pricing

Keryana Store always tries its best to offer true and accurate prices for the items being sold. However, prices may sometimes vary from time to time or there can also be a Humanr / Technical error from our end, In such conditions, not withstanding anything to the contrary, Keryana Store reserves the right to cancel or modify your order without any liability.

Keryana Store Cashback (KSCB)

Mentioned below is the eligibility criteria to avail cashback on Keryana Store:

  • 1. The term KSCB means Cash credited into customers wallet through CASHBACK on the keryana Store Applications.
  • 2. KSCB can only be availed by registered customers.
  • 3. KSCB earned will only be credited into Keryana Store Wallet available on your Account.
  • 4. It is clarified in these terms that the Cashback earned cannot be credited into any other wallet except Keryana Store wallet neither any bank account or will be refunded in cash.
  • 5. KSCB earned cannot be transferred from one user account to another nor they can be used on any other website, market place or an e-commerce platforms.
  • 6. KSCB will reflect in the Customers Wallet as soon as the order is delivered and the amount is marked as Delivered.
  • 7. KSCB campaigns are not always active, Customers shall be notified through banners, product images, emails and SMS if there is an active campaign.
  • 8. Surpirce cashbacks can be available on certain products which will be indicated at the time of checkout.
  • 9. KSCB cannot be availed on Monthly offers, Packages or Bundle Deals.
  • 10. KSCB will NOT be added into the Wallet for orders that have been Denied or Cancelled.
  • 11. KSCB offered may be adjusted in cases such as, for an orders for which a refund has been claimed, whether in part or in full, KSCB shall be adjusted attributable to the extent of the order refunded.
  • 12. KSCB cannot be availed through Credit/Debit Card (Online) Payments, Bank Transfers or any other form except Cash on Delivery; Order Payments which are in form of cash are only eligible for Cashbacks.
  • 13. KSCB will expire after a minimum duration of ninety (90) days from the last login unless specified or added through a separate campaign, which may be subject to a shorter expiry.
  • 14. Customers shopping at Keryana Store cannot hold Keryana Store or its group entities, affiliates, its respective directors, employees, riders, officers, customer support agents responsible or liable for any actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, charges or expenses which a customer can claim to have suffered, sustained or incurred of any purchases made through the Keryana Store Applications, whether with or without Cashback (KSCB).

Welcome Discount Terms & Conditions; Discount Code: WELCOME100

  • 1- User must Register and become a Keryana Store Customer to avail the Discount Offer.
  • 2- The Discount is subject to a Minimum order of Rs.2000/-.
  • 3- Each Customer can avail the discount once; only their first order.

For Enquiries, Get in Touch

You can get in contact with Keryana Store:

  • Address: Plot # T/113/2, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Phone: +92-213-7292926
  • Whatsapp: +92-337-7292926
  • Email: [email protected]

This Page was last modified on: 12th December 2020